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In the past 7 years, we have researched the following business-to-business markets in the EU-27 :

  • Stationery supplies; general and detailed per specific products
  • Shoes
  • Gift articles
  • Interior decoration
  • Kitchen articles
  • Table articles

Moreover, we have completed:

  • For Ahold, an international retailer, a study of the organisation and products of all food producers in Ghana, Africa, with specific buying recommendations;
  • For Cacao de Zaan, an international cocoa-producer, now part of ADM, a survey of the English market for chocolate vending, product mix and growth opportunities;
  • A B2B sales strategy for growth in the German cocoa market; proposals for improving return on investment;
  • A report on sales opportunities and product trends for (fair trade) gift articles in a number of European countries;
  • For Menken Drinks, a growth strategy in the private label market for juices and soft drinks, in carton and cans.

Via our network, we have colleagues with a substantial track record in the following branches at our disposal:

  • Health Care
  • Government, Provinces, Municipalities, River boards
  • Online research
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