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What can MarketXL research for you?

Using qualitative and/or quantitative techniques, MarketXL researches:

  • Consumption, production, imports and exports for product groups and/or countries in which you are active or prospecting
  • The profitability of your product or service offerings and your target markets
  • Market trends and how to leverage them to your advantage
  • The strategies of your competitors
  • Your company strategy and how to fine-tune it to changing market circumstances.

Types of research 1. Quantitative research, including:

  • Statistical analysis
  • management information systems
  • online research
  • desk research

2. Qualitative research Through interviews with customers, prospects, employees, competitors and other stakeholders:

  • Market needs analysis
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Policy research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Image- or reputation research
  • Employee satisfaction research
  • Positioning research

3. Profitability research, in cooperation with your financial, commercial and services departments. Benchmarking. 4. A variety of tailor-made research:

  • Advertisement research
  • Communication research
  • Concept testing
  • Evaluation research
  • Product user appreciation research
  • Complaints analysis
  • Readers research
  • Brand loyality research
  • Media research
  • Motivation research
  • Brand awareness analysis
  • Prospect research
  • Pilot sales project
  • Product pre-testing / post-testing
  • Target group research
  • Website research
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